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last_thoughts's Journal

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This community was made in loving memory of _confuzion_ , kiss_me, dawnmarie, cenobitten , flashman, luckecharm, stars_pyre, halfwaypretty, jengib,and number1woman . ... LJ land is small and it effected us all when they left.. may you rest in peace.. blessed be

The Last_Thoughts community is a place for you to come when you lose a loved one .. yea its not much different from your personal journal.. except at Last_Thoughts others are here that have just went through the same thing and will be ready to comfort.. tell us your memories and how you feel... its nice to see others who know what we're going through

The Rules

As of now the only rules are be sensitive to others feelings... no getting way off topic..i don't mind pictures but if there is more than 3 please sure the lj cut text and thats about it.. blessings