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yea this is just to start things off.. but i thought i might as well and for anyone who might be joining this in the future.. i'm candy.. founder of last_thoughts...in the past 2 years i've lost about 10 people....everyday memories of them go through my head... its really hard.. last year when my friend Tempest hung herself.. it hit me so bad i didn't eve just go through regular after death depression.. it sparked clinic depression and i suffered with that feeling for a long time.. eventually i tried killing my self.. and they put me in a mental hospital.. oh fun times.. even after i got out people kept dying.. my little cousin steven.. age 10 i believe.. died of a brain tumor.. then my aunt... breast cancer.. then what hurt me the most.. my mamaw.. we were so close.. i loved her with all my heart..i was there when she past away and pictures of her taking her last breathes are still imprinted in my mind...

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